torsdag den 28. januar 2010

Leaving on a jetplane

Just for a short trip - going to Vienna to see European Championships in handball. Handball is a big sport in Europe and I am going with my work to see the boys play in Vienna. I am of course excited to see the games but also to see Vienna - it is supposed to be a great city!

This is also my first time away from Jonas. I am sure I'll miss him while gone but I must also admit that I am looking forward to getting a couple of nights sleep without someone calling in the middle of the night:-)

Jonas will be with dad all weekend:-)

Work is going really well - I guess it has taken a while to get back into it after my maternity leave, but I am getting there.

We get the keys to our house on February 1st - did I mention that already? If yes, it is just because I am so excited. Jesper's parents will be in Copenhagen to help us with painting etc. And even though the house is not that big, it has a couple of extra rooms so there is a very good reason to visit Copenhagen (hint, hint you girls out there!)

Guess that's it from now - next update will be with pictures from Vienna - yeah.
Have a great weekend everyone!

PS: the bird is just a toy, not a real one for those who might have thought that

fredag den 22. januar 2010


Jonas is still not all that stable on the legs and he uses his arms to stay balanced.

Yesterday Ole and Johanne wanted to see Jonas walk on webcam - well it was not all that hard, having an opportunity to get to the computer he ran towards it as soon as I opened up the lap top. On the picture below he is having some problems getting by
the computer cords.

søndag den 17. januar 2010

Jonas 1 year!

This week we celebrated Jonas' 1st birthday. Can't believe that one year has passed already, even if I know it sounds more like an old cliché than anything else. I think Jonas enjoyed all the birthday singing most that day - and hopefully the layered cake (a Danish tradition) I had made as well.

We moved out of the apartment just before the New Year and this means that we are staying at my parents this month. We get the keys for our new house on February 1st, then some painting etc. to do and hopefully we'll be able to move in mid February.

Some more random pictures of the little guy. He is walking now, still seems to be a little nervous about it and it looks really cute I think.