tirsdag den 9. februar 2010

Trip to Vienna

My weekend in Vienna went by so quickly - had a great time with collegues and clients!!Just getting to the hotel was awesome.

My closet and the bar right next to it:-)

First night was pretty easy going - went to a traditional Austrian beer house, their specialy was weiss bier. Although it is not my favorite kind of beer I of course had to try one from their own brewery - and yes, it was good! The menu card itself was a huge beer - see picture below.

On Saturday we saw some handball since that was really why we were there in the first place. After the Danish match the girls decided to go shopping and wow, did we do some shopping!Saturday night was out at a great sushi place in the middle of Vienna. Here is my dessert - yum!

Sunday was sightseeing by bus - and also time for a small nap for me. Later Sunday we saw the final game between Croatia and France ending up with France as the winner. Flew home very early Monday morning and then back to work - great trip!