onsdag den 30. juli 2008

Summer update 2

Yesterday we went to a place called Bakken to eat dinner and see an annual show "Cirkusrevy" with my parents.

On the picture you can see that I am definitely gaining weight now. I am in my 17th week....

Summer update from Copenhagen

So my short vacation is over and although we did not do a whole lot it was nice to be off work for a while. We went to visit Jesper's parents in Jylland for a little week and then we just stayed at home for the last week.

We have been sailing when the wind allowed it - our boat does not like windy weather at all which can be a challenge, since it is usually kind of windy at sea:-)

This weekend I layed out with Mette and we captured the moment with a picture.

fredag den 4. juli 2008

Having a baby...

So I am pregnant - just entered my second trimester as I am 14 weeks along today. I am feeling great, no nausea or anything, but of course a little tiredness in the first weeks.

The little one is due first thing in the new year, more specifically on January 3rd 2009. We don't know whether it will be a boy or girl yet, hopefully we'll find out in a months time or so. A couple of weeks ago we went to the first scanning and saw him/her and heard the heart beat - it was fantastic!

And then a "Smitty": Yes it was planned and yes, Jesper is the farther:-)