fredag den 30. april 2010

A visit to the Zoo

Jonas and I went to the Zoo in Copenhagen today with my parents (Jesper is in Germany with work). It was Jonas' first visit with us (he had already been with day care). I knew I should not expect too much, but really... His favorite "animal" was a chicken. We showed him gorillas, girafs, camels and what not...

But he chose to run after a chicken. And me, I got a little nervous being around the chicken, so I just tried to stay away and take a couple of pictures instead.

torsdag den 29. april 2010

General Prayer Day

I am up for a little vacation - well vacation may not be the right way to put it but tomorrow it is a national holiday here - called General Prayer Day (Smitty, sorry if you don't know that word either). And that's why spring is so nice here in Denmark - lots of national holidays where there is no work! The day before General Prayer Day it is a tradition to eat wheat buns - looked like Jonas like them.

Still need to take some pictures of our little house - gotta be the next post.

onsdag den 21. april 2010

A little of this and a little of that...


It's time for an update from Copenhagen. Here is a recap from the last couple of months.


Went to Paris with Jesper for a long weekend. It was a great little get away. We had both been before so no turisty things that we needed to see. Must admit it was really nice with some Jesper-and-Tina-only time. Paris is one of my favorite European cities and I have not been there for the last time.

Went to Budapest with work for something called TNS University. It was a lot of classes on different kinds of market analysis - sounds interesting, right:-) Spring had just started in Hungary and we did get to hang out in the city. It was not the greatest city in the world (the call it Eastern Europe's Paris actually, but I just didn't feel it), but it is always fun to see a new city and hang out with good colleagues.


Easter came and Jesper's parents were here - we are now done with our little yard and we are ready to cook out on the terrace when the Danish weather will allow it.

Jesper got at new mail box for his birthday - yes, we have a house now.
To celebrate Jesper's birthday we went to an American Steak House called MASH. Don't really know if it exists in the US but it was so great. Usually, I am not much of a meat eater, but nevertheless I had a good steak and best of all, a real American caesar salad.

Oh yeah - heaven forbid I forget to mention the little one. He is doing fabulous. Here are a couple of the latest pictures

fredag den 2. april 2010


Many of you guys may not now what this means, and that's totally OK since it is Danish. I did not know the English word so I actually had to translate it for this post and here we go: Shrovetide.

In Denmark we have a tradition around Shrovetide where the kids are dressed up in costumes, kind of like the American Halloween. So the good moms sew their kid's costumes, but since I really have no idea how to do that (do not even have a sewing machine) I bought two outfits for Jonas - Winnie the Poo and Spiderman. Jesper got the final word on which costume Jonas had to wear for day care when celebrating Shrovetide there and Spiderman it was. Here is a picture taken right before we left.

This took place in February, and yes, it means that I am late with my posts.
More updates to follow since we have moved into our new house as well!