søndag den 9. januar 2011

Happy New Year - Welcome 2011

Wow, once again its been a while but one of my new year's resolutions is to be better at updating the blog!

In September we had a new little edition to our family, Ole and Johanne had a boy - his name is Olav. We talk on the web all the time since we live kind of far away from each other right now. When we do see them, Jonas want to "hold" Olav and he is so sweet to him - I am sure those two will have a lot of fun when they get a bit older.

Jonas with Olav

In October Jonas, Jesper and I went to Spain with Jesper's parents and his sister + boyfriend. We flew to Barcelona and drove to a little city called Peniscola where Jesper's parents had rented a house by the ocean. We had a really good time and the week went by way too fast.

Jonas with his good friend, Postman Pat

November and December were all about Santa. He took up a lot of our time, talking about him, visiting him at various places etc. At Christmas Evening (24th here, where we get presents) Jesper left the house and dressed up as Santa. The kids were so excited and I am pretty sure they had no idea that it was Jesper.

Jonas just before Christmas - we had a lot of snow and still have!

In December Jonas also started a new kind of daycare. Before he was in a small "in house" daycare where one lady takes care of four kids. Now he is in a big daycare "center" where they have a total of 36 kids aged 0-3 years old. Right next to the daycare center there is a kindergarten with kids aged 3-5 years, so that's where he'll go next. He loves being there and he learns so many new things. He talks like a waterfall, most of it we understand:-)

We go swimming with Jonas once a week or twice a week - on Thursday he really made his mom proud. He swam with one of those water snakes and I did not have to help at all. I know a picture would have been nice here but I did not take one, so that'll be next time I guess.

Last, I want to welcome 2011- I hope it will be possible to find a good weekend for an IU reunion!